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Life Cycle

Life Environmental helps organisations through every stage of asbestos management - the full life cycle - guiding, adding value, mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. Click on the stages below to view more details:

Once the policy has been agreed with all relevant stakeholders we will devise a fully measurable asbestos strategy to meet the business objectives for your organisation. Your Management Plan is an evolving document which requires regular reviews. It should reflect any changes within your organisation and be updated regularly as further works are completed.  Life can either update the Management Plan on your behalf or assist you through this process. There is a legal requirement to manage any remaining areas within your properties that contain Asbestos. We will undertake scheduled re-inspections of the material, checking for damage or deterioration and if required, manage further remediation. 
Our ‘Life-Online’ system can provide you with on-going, real time data of any remaining asbestos. It facilitates effective and efficient management and sharing of live asbestos compliance information between your business and key stakeholders. Although there is no legal obligation to remove Asbestos, a legal duty is nevertheless placed on an organisation to pro-actively manage it.
In some cases we may recommend removal or encapsulation of asbestos and in others we may advise that the asbestos can remain but must be managed.
With the Plan formally agreed and in place we will work with your organisation to address the shortfalls outlined in the Gap analysis. This may include surveys, training and advice aimed at addressing deficiencies in procedures. Life Environmental’s unrivalled experience ensures that these services are provided to the very highest standards and are implemented in an efficient and cost effective way. We can assist you to create or update your Management Plan. This plan formally documents the current status and provides guidance to stakeholders on how the organisation is going to manage Asbestos within its portfolio of properties. It is a live and evolving document that will change throughout the asbestos life cycle and it sets out standards, measurements and timescales on how compliance will be achieved and maintained. The gap analysis is the essential next step – used to identify and quantify the shortfalls within your existing procedures, information and training – this provides you with a clear understanding of actions required in order to remain compliant. In conjunction with the Duty Holder for Asbestos within your organisation we assist you in creating a bespoke policy taking into consideration your businesses objectives and current legislation to ensure both elements are aligned, achievable and measureable.

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