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Bulk Sampling & Laboratory Testing

Life Environmental is fully accredited to UKAS ISO 17025 for the undertaking and laboratory analysis of bulk samples.

Our experienced analysts carry out the bulk sampling of suspect material in accordance with HSE Guidance Notes HSG 248 and HSG264, and our in-house procedures.  The samples are then analysed in accordance with HSG 248 and in-house procedures, using stereo and polarised light microscopy.

Bulk samples are examined for the presence and type of asbestos using industry-leading techniques.  Our well established and vastly experienced UKAS accredited laboratory is able to offer a range of turnaround times dependent on the urgency of your requirements - we offer a fast turn-around service for when you need a speedy response, and a cost-effective bulk alternative.

In addition, a report can also be prepared by a consultant detailing appropriate advice and recommendations, based on the type and condition of the asbestos-containing material and the work proposed to be undertaken.

All of the systems and processes we apply to bulk sampling and analysis are also certified to ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standard, which is your additional assurance of service quality.

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