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Life Online

Web-based software

Fully web-based, all you need is an internet connection to access Life Online. As the software is hosted on Life Environmental systems, we take care of upgrades and maintenance so there is never any disruption to your business.

Report Management

Our surveyors use electronic data capture devices on-site. Once surveys have been quality checked, data is uploaded to the system immediately, giving real-time information. Annual reports and surveys are maintained on the system and are always accessible.

Information Storage

The system stores all relevant documentation and photography of any compliance related issues, from scoring and lab results, to further actions required. Full details of general site and survey information, including data on all relevant parties, areas and survey methods, are stored in a secure and managed database.

Online Compliance Management

Life Online Data Backup

We consider data management to be of the utmost importance. As a result, we offer two levels of data backup: a standard comprehensive backup, which is included within the contract agreement, and a bespoke option that allows us to match the backup to your unique business needs.

Access to Reports

All reports can be accessed through the site via a client login. Reports can be exported in a range of familiar formats, such as PDF, Microsoft Excel and Rich Text Formats.

Super-User Account

Access to Life Online is protected by username and password, and each user has a defined level of access and control. While we will set up your required hierarchy, you will also get a Super User account, usually assigned to the person responsible for Asbestos Management, which gives access to all parts of the system, as well as advanced features. The Super User account gives you full control over access and permissions, which means you can decide who accesses your site, and what they can see.

Online Compliance Management

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